• Kids
  • Electric Feel
  • Time to Pretend
  • Weekend Wars
  • The Youth
  • Pieces of What
  • Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
  • 4th Dimensional Transition
  • The Handshake
  • Future Reflections
  • Congratulations
  • Flash Delirium
  • It's Working
  • Song for Dan Treacy
  • Someone's Missing
  • Electric Feel (Justice Remix)
  • I Found a Whistle
  • Brian Eno
  • Siberian Breaks
  • Lady Dada's Nightmare
  • Alien Days
  • Indie Rokkers
  • Love Always Remains
  • Your Life Is a Lie
  • Little Dark Age
  • When You Die
  • Cool Song No. 2
  • Boogie Down
  • Destrokk
  • Mystery Disease
  • Me and Michael
  • Introspection
  • Hand It Over
  • She Works Out Too Much
  • A Good Sadness
  • Astro-Mancy
  • Plenty of Girls in the Sea
  • I Love You Too, Death
  • An Orphan of Fortune
  • Metanoia
  • We Care
  • James
  • One Thing Left to Try
  • Days That Got Away
  • Hot Love Drama
  • Kids - Soulwax Mix
  • When You're Small
  • Come on Christmas
  • Money to Burn

I can still hear the reflections in the air
Feeding time
Either hemisphere if it's summer there
Seeking you, taking a dive,
Streets realigned
Ooh ooh ooh
Stored in my mind

All I could do not to steal
All the fun in the world
From your little heart
And now I owe it back to you
But it's hard to catch it and let it go,
Find excuses to burn right through the grief
And to melt
Oh my poor memories

Down to a trace
'Til you forget that I'm alive
And you feel it's all right
Ooh I'm sure you'll be fine
Tune it out and I'm sure you'll be fine
Doing well
Finding an excuse
Shutting down soon (over my eyes)
Lost the recall

No line
Mean time
Mean time
No line
No line
No line
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