• Kids
  • Electric Feel
  • Time to Pretend
  • Weekend Wars
  • The Youth
  • Pieces of What
  • Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
  • 4th Dimensional Transition
  • The Handshake
  • Future Reflections
  • Congratulations
  • Flash Delirium
  • It's Working
  • Song for Dan Treacy
  • Someone's Missing
  • Electric Feel (Justice Remix)
  • I Found a Whistle
  • Brian Eno
  • Siberian Breaks
  • Lady Dada's Nightmare
  • Alien Days
  • Indie Rokkers
  • Love Always Remains
  • Your Life Is a Lie
  • Little Dark Age
  • When You Die
  • Cool Song No. 2
  • Boogie Down
  • Destrokk
  • Mystery Disease
  • Me and Michael
  • Introspection
  • Hand It Over
  • She Works Out Too Much
  • A Good Sadness
  • Astro-Mancy
  • Plenty of Girls in the Sea
  • I Love You Too, Death
  • An Orphan of Fortune
  • Metanoia
  • We Care
  • James
  • One Thing Left to Try
  • Days That Got Away
  • Hot Love Drama
  • Kids - Soulwax Mix
  • When You're Small
  • Come on Christmas
  • Money to Burn

I just shook the handshake
I just sealed the deal
I'll try not to let them take
Everything they can steal

People always told me
Says, don't forget your roots
I know I can feel them
Underneath my leather boots

You toss all the mornings lost
To the clouds and you watch it go
Your fair-weather friends on a parachute binge
Get lost when the wind blows

The handshake's stuck
On the tip of my tongue
It tastes like death
But it looks like fun

I was a loner
I was just waiting by myself
When you warped temptress
Rose to bring me happiness and wealth

Black tears, black smile
Black credit cards and shoes
You can call all the people you want
But it's you who's being used

Under your black eyes, honey
Right beneath your nose
A curse on all creation
Every single thing you know

White smoke, white light
White marble on the floor
It will only take a few seconds of darkness
To figure out what's in store, little girl

You only convince yourself that you want
But you don't know
You keep on trying to wash the blood from your hands
But it won't go
We're gonna keep you on the run

We got the handshake under our tongue
We got the handshake under our tongue
We got the handshake under our tongue
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