• Kids
  • Electric Feel
  • Time to Pretend
  • Weekend Wars
  • The Youth
  • Pieces of What
  • Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
  • 4th Dimensional Transition
  • The Handshake
  • Future Reflections
  • Congratulations
  • Flash Delirium
  • It's Working
  • Song for Dan Treacy
  • Someone's Missing
  • Electric Feel (Justice Remix)
  • I Found a Whistle
  • Brian Eno
  • Siberian Breaks
  • Lady Dada's Nightmare
  • Alien Days
  • Indie Rokkers
  • Love Always Remains
  • Your Life Is a Lie
  • Little Dark Age
  • When You Die
  • Cool Song No. 2
  • Boogie Down
  • Destrokk
  • Mystery Disease
  • Me and Michael
  • Introspection
  • Hand It Over
  • She Works Out Too Much
  • A Good Sadness
  • Astro-Mancy
  • Plenty of Girls in the Sea
  • I Love You Too, Death
  • An Orphan of Fortune
  • Metanoia
  • We Care
  • James
  • One Thing Left to Try
  • Days That Got Away
  • Hot Love Drama
  • Kids - Soulwax Mix
  • When You're Small
  • Come on Christmas
  • Money to Burn

Here is the deal
Open your eyes
Your life is a lie

Don't say a word
I'll tell you why
You live in a lie
Your life is a lie

But you deny
You ever lied
Wondering why
Buried alive

Count your friends
On your hands
Now look again
They're not your friends

Hold your breath
Everyone left
No surprise
Everyone lied

Tell your wife
This is your life
Your life is a lie
This is your life

Now she knows
She understands
Her life is a lie

Nobody wins

Try not to cry
You will survive
On your own

Lessons in life
Your live is a lie
Now is no time
Wondering why

Where in the world
Is that girl
You know she's alright
To live a life
Waiting to die
Not knowing that
Your life is a lie

Wondering why
Nobody right
Horrible site
Dreary delight
Fire and ice
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie
Your life is a lie

On your own
One more time
Your life is a lie
© 2014 Party Playlist