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Christine McVie (born Christine Anne Perfect, July 12, 1943, in Birmingham) is an English singer, keyboardist, and songwriter. Her primary fame came as a member of the band Fleetwood Mac, though she has also released three solo albums. McVie is said to have become addicted to Rock and Roll from the first time she looked through a Fats Domino songbook. Early life Christine Anne Perfect was born on July 12th, 1943. Her father, Cyril, was a college professor and concert violinist, and mother Beatrice (called Tee) was a medium, a psychic and a faith healer. Her grandfather had played the organ in Westminster Abbey. Although Christine had been introduced to the piano at age four, she didn't really take to music until she was 11. She continued taking classical music lessons until the age of 15, when her older brother, John, brought home a Fats Domino songbook which transformed her musical interest from classical music to rock n' roll. Other early influences include The Everly Brothers and The Beatles. [edit] Early Music Christine studied sculpture at an art college in Birmingham, England for 5 years, with the goal of becoming an art teacher. During that time she met a number of budding musicians in England's blues scene. During her time at collage christine joined a small blues band called "Shades Of Blue" in which she played bass, also in her spare she would sing with Spencer Davis. After 5 years christine graduated from art college with a teaching degree. She moved to London, where she worked briefly as a department store window-dresser. [edit] Chicken Shack In 1968 she met up her friends Andy Sylvester & Stan Webb, and they invited her to play keyboards/piano and sing backround vocals in their band Chicken Shack, a blues band which had difficulty finding mainstream success. Christine stayed with Chicken Shack for 2 albums and together they scored the top 10 British hit "I'd Rather Go Blind" with Christine on lead vocals. She was also given a Melody Maker award for female vocalist of the year, and she was lauded for having one of the "top 10 pairs of legs in all of Britain". Christine left Chicken Shack in 1969 after meeting Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie. [edit] Fleetwood Mac Christine was a big fan of Fleetwood Mac at the time and while touring with Chicken Shack the two bands would often run into each other. Encouraged to continue her career, she recorded a solo album, Christine Perfect, which she does not feel is among her better works. As Christ...

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